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Baking Soda Cleaning Hacks You Can Use

Though long used for its deodorizing capabilities, baking soda can be used for more than just refreshing your refrigerator or baking chocolate chip cookies! Baking

Make it a Green Valentine

Green is the new red! Valentine’s is a holiday of love that many people want to do something special for their significant other and loved

Pet Messes & Easy Ways to Clean Them

Our furry, four-legged friends are part of our families, but they can sometimes cause messes that need to be maintained and cleaned to avoid lingering

Flu Season Preparedness

With the arrival of the winter months, the Centers for Disease Control warn that flu season has started unusually early and has already spread across

7th Annual Hypothermia Shelter

Maid Bright catered its seventh annual dinner at the Hypothermia Shelter on Monday, December 30th 2019. It has become a yearly tradition to share a

Winter Products We Love

With the arrival of the colder months and holiday season upon us, we wanted to compile a list of items we think are great and

Join Us In Helping Those In Need

Want to join us in supporting a good cause this holiday season? We are raising money for the International Rescue Committee to help Syrian refugees.

10 Common Cleaning Questions

After being in the cleaning business for more than 15 years, we have had our fair share of “cleaning questions.” We have rounded up some

Mopping 101

Fury paw prints, food stains, stickiness…all sound familiar? Our floors take a lot from us, so we need to give them the care they deserve.

Cleaning Habits to Break Now

You love to clean and often do it yourself, and have a routine in place that works for your household! Great! But, did you know