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Spring Cleaning Guide: Kitchen Edition

If it’s time for you to start spring cleaning then you don’t want to go halfway. You want to make sure you completely cover everything. Let’s begin!

Happy Holidays From Maid Bright!

We had a wonderful holiday party last Saturday. We are leaving a wonderful year and heading into a brand new year. We thanks all our

Get Your Home Holiday Ready!

With the holidays fast approaching, getting your home holiday ready is vital. There are less than two weeks before Christmas and the kids will be

Maid Bright House

Clean Your Home Like a Pro!

While enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service can be helpful, it won’t solve your problems when they don’t come everyday. The lingering number

2018 ISSA/ARCSI Convention

2018 ISSA/ARCSI Convention

Last week, we attended the 2018 ISSA/ARCSI convention in Dallas, Texas. It was another fun-filled week of learning, networking and innovative industry exhibitions. Dallas lives

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Keeping The Environment Green!

One factor that sets Maid Bright apart aside from great customer service, attention to detail and professionalism is our initiative to stay green and clean

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Products We Love

Every month, we plan on introducing products we love at the moment. This will give our readers a glimpse into what we like using for

outdoor furniture cleaning

Outdoor Furniture Care Guide

With the arrival of the summer months, outdoor parties, graduations, summer BBQ’s and entertaining becomes more prominent. It’s time to bring out the outdoor furniture!

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Tackling PlayRoom Problems

Written by – Zeynep Mehmetoglu
Can you count the times you’ve stepped on your kid’s toys and injured yourself?
Do you walk into your playroom and can no longer distinguish any of the toys?
Does it look like a tornado went through the playroom?

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Keeping Your Cookware Clean

Written by – Zeynep Mehmetoglu
While most home chefs prefer non-stick and stainless steel, there are many varieties of pots and pans such as copper, enameled cast iron and aluminum. They all have different advantages and different cleaning methods are required for each one.