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Maid Bright is Green Home Friendly

Sometimes life gets the best of us and before we know it our home is a complete disaster. It looks like you are behind on the laundry. Not to mention, the kids dragged in all sorts of soil and muck. The house looks a wreck after their venture in the oh so reliable Virginia snow. If you’ve got the jitters, don’t panic, Maid bright is only one call away. Okay, but what about all the cleaning chemicals?

Environmentally Safe Home Cleaning

Maid Bright is a maid service with an audacious goal to go green! We pay attention to details no matter how small. However, we would like to first go over why we clean green. The environment is a precious thing whether it be outdoors or in. Our environment can impact us on a daily basis.  Furthermore, we believe that a clean environment can cognitively change the way we live and feel. In the same way, we are a company that prides itself in taking positive steps towards a cleaner environment. When we begin at the level of your home, we prevent chemical waste from dripping into your drains. When we provide quality services throughout your local neighborhood, we strive to take a big step. A step closer towards changing the way our footprint impacts your local Burke, VA area. Let’s improve your home, state of mind and environment together- one step at a time when you call a Maid Bright professional today.

Trustworthy, Dependable House Cleaning Services in Burke

As long as everyone helps around your house, regular maintenance can be manageable. Either way, it is always important to give your home the deep clean and care that it deserves. Similarly, it is essential to implement designated times to do a deep house clean for primary upkeep purposes. This way you will know that all of your appliances, walls, headboards, and floors last a lifetime. You handpicked your home, and you want it to last for years to come. Let’s make your home last together. Maid Bright Provides the following services with a professional guarantee because a clean house is a happy one.

Extensive First time Cleaning

During an extensive first time clean, a Maid Bright team will go through your entire home top to bottom. Spick and span- ah what a relief.

At the least, let’s put this one on the calendar two times a year. Doing so will ensure that your home and appliances will have a winter and spring blowout.  We strive to keep your home running mean with a green clean!


A Full Circle of Quality Cleaning Services

We hope that our maid services in Burke, Va go full circle in every aspect of life. That’s why when you chose us for your cleaning needs we give back to the community.

This year we hope to help women battling cancer keep their homes clean.  We are here to give you basic everyday tips on how to fight viruses in your home, and simply keep it clean.

Lastly, we are on a mission to leave a small footprint on this big planet. Let’s go full circle together, and build a favorable environment for the future of our residents.

We hope to hear from you soon! Remember to stay tuned for tips, tricks, and cleaning kicks- only on the Maid Bright Blog.

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