green business

Keeping The Environment Green!

One factor that sets Maid Bright apart aside from great customer service, attention to detail and professionalism is our initiative to stay green and clean green. There are numerous ways we incorporate green cleaning in our company.  Our cleaning products are green seal certified and do not have any harmful chemicals, which means they are safe for your household. We also use microfiber-cleaning cloths, and launder them so we are not wasting. Additionally, microfiber cloths need less water to clean with, making us conserve water. Our vacuum cleaners use hepa-filters and not paper filters that we clean out after each cleaning.

Another way we try to be a green company is by using a dilution system for our cleaning products. They are concentrated solutions that we add water to. When the products are finished, we recycle all of the empty containers. We routinely do this instead of trashing the containers to preserve our environment.

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