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Initial Cleaning Service in Herndon, VA

If you are in need of cleaning services, you’ve come to the right place. Maid Bright prides itself in offering superior home cleaning services. Our professional team is ready to show up to your front door in uniform with certified, environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

We provide initial in-depth cleaning services throughout the Herndon, Virginia area. Let’s explore why our customers rave about our detail-oriented and professional cleaning staff.

We are going to go over how our team provides you with the deepest clean possible throughout your home along with the steps we take to keep your home spick and span-Maid Bright.

Schedule an Estimate Today

Are you having family over for the holidays, or hosting a big event at your home? Whether you are in need recurring or one-time cleaning services the first step is to schedule an in-home estimate before conducting an initial deep clean of your entire house.

Maid Bright begins by providing a free estimate. During this time our staff will walk through your home and discuss your specific needs. Our team will explain our services and address any questions that you might have.

Maid Bright is trusted throughout the Herndon area because our staff is ready to customize our cleaning services according to your needs. So what are you waiting for? Call Maid Bright today, and let’s get started!

Initial Cleaning

After a Maid Bright manager provides you with an estimate, we send a professional, uniformed crew to your home. Next, every Maid Bright team member comes ready to complete a checklist for each specific area of your home. We get the Job done right the first time through.

Our staff only uses environmentally friendly products, because we want you and are our employees to breath clean without having to sacrifice cleanliness.

In addition to this approach, The Maid Bright team is prompt, professional, and offers competitive pricing for the local area. Let’s get started today!

Getting Started

First, the initial cleaning of your home is divided out amongst a crew of Maid Bright professionals. Next, they begin by carrying out a specific checklist for each part of your home to ensure a thorough cleaning throughout.

Listed below are the checklists for each room that our Maid Bright team follows. Here we are going to go over the bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining rooms,  and kitchen.

What We Clean



✓ Cabinet Fronts
✓ Counter Tops & Sinks
✓ Stove Top, Front and Hood
✓ Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
✓ Fridge Top/Front/Sides
✓ Window Over Sink
✓ Floors Vacuumed/Washed
✓ Wipe Baseboards

living room

Living Room

✓ Vacuum Entire Room
✓ Edge Carpets
✓ Wipe Baseboards
✓ Dusting of all Furniture
✓ Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
✓ Lamps/Lamp Shades



✓ Clean Light Fixtures
✓ Mirrors & Sinks
✓ Tubs/Showers & Toilets
✓ Cabinet Fronts & Counter Tops
✓ Wipe Baseboards, Blinds & Windowsills
✓ Floors Vacuumed/Washed
✓ Walls/Doors Spot Cleaned
✓ Clean Accessories



✓ Vacuum Entire Room
✓ Lamps/Lamp Shades
✓ Wipe Baseboards
✓ Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
✓ Dusting of all Furniture
✓ Edge Carpets

Our staff ensures a deep initial cleaning of your home and is ready to cater to more specific areas and needs within your house. Our organized approach to cleaning starts with your preferences- let’s create a plan together!  Call Maid Bright today and find out why we are the most trusted cleaning professionals in the area.

One-Time Cleaning

There are various reasons why you might be on the lookout for one-time cleaning services. One reason is that you are getting ready to move, and might need a deep clean of your entire home.

Another reason that you could be in need of a deep clean could be before a holiday event or party. Maybe you just need a fresh start for your home.

No matter what the situation is if you are looking for an initial one-time clean of your home Maid Bright is ready to help. Our team will follow all the steps, come out to your home with a competitive estimate and get started just before your next big move or other life event.

Extensive Cleaning Services

Our wide range of services combined with our detail-oriented cleaning plans that match your specific home will impress your friends, family, and guests. Maid Bright strives to create a clean, healthy and radiant house, in every home.

Maid Bright not only takes steps for a healthier home, but they take steps for a healthier you. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning company that you can trust.

Whether you use us one time or think about our recurring services in the future, we always offer a 24-hour complete satisfaction guarantee.

Have a Maid Bright professional come out to your home today to provide a free estimate!