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Time for a Bit of Spring Cleaning: Your Ultimate Checklist

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start your spring cleaning and start feeling clean inside and out! While the flowers bloom and the Earth transforms its colors, pollen and dust build up in your home. Sure, you know the basics of how to clean and what to clean, but there’s a lot you could be missing without a proper spring cleaning checklist.

Whether you have a large home or a quaint home, there’s always a corner or nook that gets passed by. And with allergies at a rise during the spring season, you’ll want to know all the tricks and tips for keeping your home as clean as possible. Are you ready to get cleaning?

Grab your gloves and put on a spare tee shirt and old jeans. It’s time for the ultimate cleaning day! Follow this spring cleaning checklist, and we guarantee you won’t miss a spot!

Always Start From Top to Bottom

Before beginning, always remember to start from the top. No matter which room you’re cleaning and what all needs to be cleaned, never start at the bottom. If you clean the floor or even the top of a dresser and then clean a ceiling fan, you’ll end up leaving dust from the fan on the floor and dresser.

This also goes for countertops and cabinets or entertainment centers and rugs, and so on.

Every Room

There are some cleaning tasks that can be classified into an “every room” category. Here is a list of the things that should be cleaned within every room in the house.

  • All ceiling fans, light fixtures, smoke alarms, air vents, exhaust fans, and anything else located on the ceiling should be thoroughly dusted
  • All window sills, blinds, window tracts, and window glass should be dusted and wiped down
  • Consider vacuuming curtains and blinds on a window as well
  • Wipe down any molding in each room or baseboards and check corners for dust and cobwebs
  • Complete battery tests on all smoke detectors
  • Take a disinfectant and wipe down all light switches, door knobs, and cabinet and skin hardware.
  • Wipe down any mirrors with a glass cleaning solution

The easiest way to get the “every room” tasks done is to start out with these as the first steps of your cleaning. Start in the furthest room of the house and make your way to the front completing every bullet point listed.

Entry Way

If you have a grand entryway or barely one at all, you still have one. And it will still need cleaning. This is the first thing you and your guests will see when arriving.

  • Dust off or wipe down any pictures or coat hangers on the wall
  • Hang up jackets and coats neatly (it sometimes saves space to overlap larger coats on top of smaller ones
  • Place all shoes in a neat order
  • Clean the doormat
  • Wipe down the door itself (a magic eraser does a great job)
  • Wipe down the walls, which may get scuffed up from the shoes
  • Sweep floors (you can sweep dirt right outside or sweep onto the carpet for later vacuuming)
  • Mop floors

If there is a countertop or bar next to the entryway, which is common in apartment living, be sure to wipe down that counter first before sweeping and mopping the floor. If you don’t have a shoe organizer, you can neatly line them up against the wall. But it’s always better to keep as many shoes as you can in the bedroom closet.


The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in a house. So, you’ll want to clean it to the best of your abilities. Don’t rush through it, and make sure you follow everything on our list.

  • Start with your appliances: wipe down the microwave, coffee maker, toaster, crockpot, and others (this includes taking the trays out and cleaning them as well)
  • Clean out your freezer and refrigerator by throwing out anything expired and wiping down each section
  • Move the refrigerator out and clean under and behind it (don’t forget to dust the coils as well)
  • Wipe down the inside of your oven and stove top
  • Clean out cabinets and toss or donate any unused cups, dishes, and utensils
  • Wipe down cabinet shelving
  • Use a sanitizer to clean the sink with (wipe in and around)
  • Wipe down all countertops, and then sweep and mop the floor

If you have carpet boarding your kitchen floor, it’s okay to sweep towards the carpet, which you’ll vacuum later. The best way to clean is to not give yourself any extra tasks. If the rooms next to your kitchen are wood or tiles, you can sweep a pile into that room, which you’ll later add to.

Living Room

The living room is probably where you and your family spend most of your time. Movie nights take place here and crumbs hide inside your couch’s cracks.

  • Start by dusting any picture frames hung on the wall
  • Dust and wipe down TVs, entertainment centers, and coffee tables
  • Vacuum under and between the couch cushions (remove if possible)
  • Neatly fold blankets and put away reading materials and remotes

You may have some extra furniture in your living room that we didn’t mention. As long as you remember to start from the top and make your way to the bottom, you should be fine. Using the thin tool on a vacuum is a great way to get inside that small crevices.

Home Office

If your home has a home office, then there’s a good chance that it needs some cleaning. Even if it is hidden behind a set of doors, be sure to follow the tips listed below.

  • Use canned air or a vacuum to clean out keyboards
  • Organize desk, and place papers inside filing cabinet
  • Empty trash can

Everyone’s home office is different. So, depending on what you have in yours will determine what needs to be done. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, consider purchasing a filing binder.

These take up less space but get the job done.


Cleaning the bedrooms gets overwhelming quick. This is especially true when tackling a child’s room or several bedrooms. Take a deep breath and simply go down the list.

  • Dust anything that hangs on the walls
  • Wipe down TVs and dressers or desks
  • Empty out closets and drawers (donate anything not being used or too small)
  • Strip beds of the bedding and strip pillows of their cases (send into laundry room)
  • Disinfect any toys in a child’s room (some items may be dishwasher safe)

If you have several bedrooms or child’s bedrooms to tackle, then you may want to break it down throughout the week. Don’t feel pressured into completing everything in one solid day. A child’s closet alone may take a whole day in itself.

Laundry Room

Before heading into the laundry room, be sure that you have removed all bedding and anything else that needs washing and placed it here for washing.

  • Wipe down shelving (toss out any expired cleaning supplies)
  • Clean behind washer and dryer (be on the lookout for missing socks)
  • Remove lint traps and clean well

Once you’re done cleaning the laundry room, you can then send in a load to be washed.


Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the next germ sanctuary in your home. You’ll want to be just as thorough when cleaning your bathrooms as you do your kitchen.

  • Wipe down cabinets and countertops
  • Remove items from inside cabinets, and wipe down (toss out any expired medicines or cleaning supplies)
  • Place shower curtain and floormats inside washer if machine washable
  • Scrub toilets and bathtubs (magic erasers and dish soap work great for cleaning the tub)
  • Be sure to get the floor all around the toilet
  • Sweep and mop floors

It’s important to check for mold when cleaning the bathroom. The grout is a good place to start.

Don’t Forget Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

When spring is in the air, it’s time to clean. But before you buckle down, remember to have this spring cleaning checklist by your side. Knowing everything to clean and how to clean it properly is harder than you might think.

For those with several children and large houses, it’s even easier to miss something. If you’re in need of a good spring cleaning but aren’t sure that you’re up for the harsh task, check out our services page and see what we can offer you. And when you’re ready to call in the professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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