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What Should I Do With My Pets When the Maid Service Arrives?

Your pets play an important role as full-fledged members of your family. However, they don’t always appreciate that you want to hire a cleaning service to help keep your home spotless.

To make all your cleaning appointments easy on both your pets and the cleaners, keep a few tips in mind.

1. Assess Your Pet’s Acceptance of New People Into Your House

Some pets are laid back and don’t care who comes into your home. Others go crazy whenever a stranger walks through the door. Many run and hide at the first sign of someone new.

Only you know the way your pet usually handles guests. If you have a super-friendly, well-behaved pet, you may want to allow him or her to freely walk around while the maids are at work. If your pet is skittish, aggressive, or terrified of newcomers, keep the pet in a secluded, safe area.

2. Consider Setting Aside a “Pet Room” During Cleaning Appointments

Some families feel better if their pets remain in one room while maids are doing their duties. That way, the cleaners can come in and out without disturbing the pet, or risking the chance that the pet may try to get out of the house or apartment.

Where would be a good place to lock up your pet when the cleaning company comes? A family room, climate-controlled basement, or rarely used third or fourth bedroom could be the ideal spot for Spot (or Fluffy).

3. Allow Pets to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If it’s a nice day and you have a secure, fenced-in yard, you may want to allow your pets to hang outside while we scrub and vacuum. Many dogs and cats appreciate the opportunity to enjoy natural surroundings, and they’ll probably get some added exercise, too.

Just be sure you leave water and food for your pets if they’ll be outdoors for any length of time.

Other Considerations for Pet Parents Who Hire Cleaning Services

Regardless of where your animals will be during our services, you may have other pet-related concerns on your mind. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions:

  • “Are cleaning products safe for pets?” At Maid Bright, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are people-safe and pet-safe.
  • “Will the maid service feed my pet?” In most cases, maid services will not offer your pet food. However, your maid service may be open to putting fresh water in a pet’s bowl.
  • “Can the maid service walk my pet?” Cleaning professionals are at your house to sanitize your most often used surfaces. They will not have time (or be licensed) to walk your pet or care for it.
  • “Does having a pet make a difference to the maid service?” Many of our cleaning experts like pets and several have them at home! While they won’t treat your house any differently, they may have to spend extra time cleaning your rooms. Pets that shed can cause a lot of fur and dander build-up, requiring more time and effort.
  • “What if an emergency happens with my pet while the cleaning service is at my home?” If something goes wrong with your pet, your maid service will call you to let you know. You may also want to make the number of your veterinary office available to your cleaning service providers.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that your maid service experiences go well for the humans and furry (or feathered) friends in your life. Contact us today to talk about ways to ensure your pet loves having a sparkling home as much as you do!

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