Proudly serving clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Award Winning Service

Maid Bright has been recognized among the highest home cleaning services in the Washington DC area by Angie’s List, EBSCO Research & Houzz.

Our Mission Statement

We strive for excellence in each cleaning service we provide and our philosophy lies in the fact that every customer is a part of our growing family.

Family Owned Since 2004

Maid Bright was established in early 2004 as a local, family owned and operated residential cleaning company in Herndon Virginia.

Community Engagement

Maid Bright recently partnered with Children’s National Hospital by donating a portion of its proceeds towards raising pediatric care standards.

Exceptional Quality of Service

Initial Cleaning

Our initial cleaning is the first deep clean your house will experience with our services. Each team member will make sure all of your cleaning needs are addressed.

Recurring Service

Our recurring services range from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. For each cleaning, the same cleaning crew will come to your home.

One-Time Cleans

Having a party? Hosting a dinner? Are the in-laws visiting? We are happy to schedule a cleaning for your one-time events or holiday gatherings.

Moving Cleaning

Moving can be a stressful and chaotic event that leaves you with little to no energy to clean or tidy your house before or after a move.

Maid Bright Cleaning Checklist


Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Cabinet Fronts
Stovetop, Front and Hood
Refrigerator Top, Front and Sides
Sink Walls Spot Cleaned
Doors Spot Cleaned
Floors Vacuumed & Washed
Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
Window Over Sink
Clean Accessories


Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Wipe Blinds & Windowsills
Lamps/Lamp Shades
Vacuum Entire Room
Edge Carpets
Walls/Doors Spot Clean
Wipe Baseboards
Dusting of All Furniture
Mirrors & Picture Frames
Ceiling Fans


Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Light Fixtures
Wipe Mirrors
Tubs & Showers
Sinks & Toilets
Cabinet Fronts
Wipe Baseboards
Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
Floors Vacuumed & Washed
Walls & Doors Spot Cleaned
Clean Accessories
Counter tops

Living Spaces

Living Spaces Checklist

Wipe Baseboards
Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
Sliding Glass Doors
Edge Carpets
Vacuum Entire Room
Walls/Doors Spot Cleaned
Lamps/Lamp Shades
Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
Dust Furniture
Picture Frames
Ceiling Fans

Free In-Home Consultation

Maid Bright representative will explain our service in detail, address all of your questions and write down your instructions to customize your cleaning.

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